How to Rock Your Birthday in Tokyo – DisneySea

I loved getting caught up in Disney magic. Even with our limited time in Japan, there wasn’t a question in my mind, Tokyo Disney had to be on the itinerary. Tokyo actually had two different disney theme parks, the standard Disneyland and DisneySea. After extensive research, I chose DisneySea because it’s more cultural, offering a Japanese perspective. Even though some of the rides were in a different language, I could still appreciate it and I HAD to have their infamous dumpling hot dogs. On top of that, they offered a Birthday Passport. For an extra fee, this meant a badass keychain, necklace, picture frame, and every single employee wished me a great day. On our gondola ride, the quirky gondolina even serenaded me.



The Japanese were no strangers to massively long lines, often putting DMVs in a good light. The same was true here when waiting for creatively flavored popcorn. We also had seen a crazy line for a popcorn shop near Shibuya station, which made me think the snack was trending here. Each land had its own themed popcorn bucket and style of popcorn. I represented my home state of Massachusetts and got a faux wicker basket. We paid our dues in Agrabagh and scored a sweet curry tasting. Id say it was worth the wait.


Curry Popcorn

And then I saw it… The line for dumpling hot dogs. I loved this cheap gimmicky food so much so I forgot to eat lunch and dinner.

Dumpling Hot Dog
Dumpling Hot Dog

The themed lands were incredibly done with grace. I was completely lost, bewitched, and bewildered in the Mediterranean Harbor and Arabian Coast. The mermaid lagoon was also appropriately colorful and cheery. I laughed for a good hour when I found out they had a Cape Cod American Waterfront. Out of ALL the amazing gorgeous seaside towns in America, they came together to build Cape Cod, Massachusetts?! I’m sure the Japanese had their reasons. Not sure what those were, but I accepted it. Kind of.

Mediterranean Harbor


The Lost River Deltaimage


Arabian Coast

Mermaid Lagoon


In my opinion, there were only a handful of rides and attractions to see. Regardless, the park was beautiful and worth a full day.

Suggested magical things to do ~

Toy Story Mania
Indiana Jones
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Venetian Gondolas

Shows and Parades:
The Magic Lamp Theater
Color of Christmas – Beautiful pyrotechnic nighttime parade
A Perfect Christmas – Daytime water parade
Starbright Christmas Fireworks

Lunch – Vulcania
Snacks – Refreshment Station for pork buns and flavored popcorns of your choosing
Dinner – Ristorante di Canaletto
Drinks – Magellan’s

Who needs a straight Christmas tree?



Happy Holidays and Birthdays!

© Faith’s True Tales 2015. All original words and images by Faith Brady unless otherwise noted.


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