Happy Thanksgiving

This week, I had one of those days that completely fell apart, and by the time I got into my car, I felt the same way. My spirit was crushed, my outlook was cynical and I couldn’t remember my place in life until I opened my front door.

Family had an always been a confusing idea. I grew up on Family Matters, Full House, and 7th Heaven. I often wondered if my nonexistent dinner table meant I didn’t have one, or the right one. As I grew older and wiser, I learned that the word family could mean all different things, ultimately creating the Friendsgiving or a hybrid Thanksgiving dinner.

I didn’t always have that Full House, but I’ve come to realize I have something incredible. I have a biased mother who loves my writing, even if it’s a crap of a first draft. I have a friend who never forgets my birthday, and understands how much new experiences mean to me. I have two ridiculous puppies who give me more unconditional love than I deserve daily. I have 54 special people willing to fly across the country to be with me when it means the most. And I have a husband who knows how to assemble the most intricate life puzzles. He effortlessly leaves the day’s negativity at the front door.

As I stand before it, I remember how grateful I am for my own Family Matters. That familiar sight of steam rising above the stove – the smell of organic sweet potatoes and beef hot dogs. I am loved and I’m baffled how I ever forgot.

Today I’m grateful for the people who add color to my life. I’m grateful that I have stories to write about, whether they warm my heart or add fuel to an internal fire. I’m grateful that I have a job to support my travel addiction and I’m incredibly thankful for you for reading this. If I could, I would serve you a helping of my meme’s french meat stuffing, which I make with love. You’ll just have to imagine slow roasted pork, finely chopped onions, and blended spices. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours, wherever and whatever perfection that may be.

Mosby is ready for turkey

© Faith’s True Tales 2015. All original words and images by Faith Brady.


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