Questions I Had In November

1.My favorite blog post this month involved discoveringĀ “Penis Park” in South Korea. TravelLearnWrite explained, “…her spirit was apparently so angry that she died before she could get married that the fishermen were unable to catch fish. Therefore, the villagers carved a bunch of penis statues to calm her down, and it worked.” My question is, if you’re pissed off, what’s the most offensive thing a guy can bring you, hoping to calm you down? A scented candle, a shopping bag, a piece of chocolate, or maybe a penis?

2. What’s the % of vegans who give their dog vegan dog good? Do the pups ever notice?


3. Why do I often jam out in my car, only to be suddenly depressed by Adele? Can we have seperate dance radio stations and also the depressing emo stations? Not everything goes together. Can I not feel bipolar by 9:00am? Thank goodness for Pandora.


4. I can get on board with Supergirl holding up a crumbling building, but how does no one recognize the same exact girl without glasses on? C’mon! Seriously?! People aren’t that stupid. They’re pretty dumb, but not that dumb.


5. My husband made “Get Some” ice cream where normal people get horny. Why did I cry?

6. Baseball player Bryce Harper butchers the word meme and it’s sheer awesomeness. How many beautiful jokes stemmed from this magic moment? Here’s an original for all you “Orange Is the New Black” fans.


7. Hawaii became the first U.S. state to ban wild animals from performing. I love this – I hope Sea World goes out of business. Yet there’s a part of me wondering, is there a big cat getting screwed somewhere? Personally if I had the option to get my pick of the freshest meats around town or dangerous freedom, I’d pick the free buffet. Too bad they can’t speak for themselves.

8. I visited an elephant seal rookery where thousands were resting after their long journey. I learned that 1 out of 3 males are eaten by Orcas while sleeping during their dive for fish. Devastating odds. Obviously they don’t know, so how can we change that? Can we somehow make underwater billboards that read, “Don’t sleep and dive. It’s not worth it.”? Maybe some sleeping stations?


Did you have any random questions this month? šŸ˜Š



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