Love & Friendship – Highlights of 2015

In 2015 I took a break from writing my book and critique groups to plan a wedding – definitely more work than anticipated. Through the memorable process, people became the colorful highlights of my year, as they ventured from all over the country to celebrate our wedding festivities. All those plane tickets and hotel blocks…The magnitude of love I felt was incredibly overwhelming, allowing me to comfortably say my vows out loud. I am filled with gratitude for these moments and the support of my new blogger friends. This year has been beautifully positive for my growth as a quirky woman and writer.

Wedding Shower in Boston

I typically don’t like to spend money on myself, but for the wedding I indulged in ballroom classes. Ok, I indulged a lot. My family in Boston threw us a wedding shower, and I finally got to bust out some of my waltzing skills. The best part though was watching the rest of my family get down.

Bachelorette Weekend

Roads trips are the ultimate way to connect with your girls. My three best friends went out of their way to make this weekend epic – masquerade style. I got to bond with them over strippers, pool dancing, penis straws, and my first blow up doll. All in all – success.


Nate’s Birthday

Every time Nate gets older, I try to show him how young at heart he is. I planned a night of Korean BBQ cow tongue, intestines, karaoke, bowling, and a yummy peanut butter and banana Super Mario cake. Jen took the liberty of smashing some in his face.

I married my best friend!

My special day was a whimsical dream. We wrote the ceremony, took on ambitious DIY projects, and fed wild animal guests before and during the reception, making me truly part of our Alice in Wonderland theme. It still doesn’t feel real.

FaithsTrueTales 850
Cutting the cake got a little messy

Let’s Dance

Dance has always been one of my greatest loves. I choreographed a surprise flash mob for the groom – yes, difficult to teach our guests in different states, but oh so worth it.

Group Adventures

Since my family lives on the opposite coast, I’ve never had the luxury of spoiling those I love most on my turf, especially all at once. Getting married was special, but these quality moments made it ever better.


FaithsTrueTales 2421
Beach Fire Rehearsal Dinner

Big Sur Road Trip

Big Sur was a true paradise with it’s bright blue waters and fresh pine tree air. I’m typically too concerned with the destination but this time, I indulged in the journey, due to random stops in wine country, a cookie factory, Carmel cottages, and of course the elephant seal rookery.


Post Wedding Diet

Yes, clean eating is fantastic and I had never felt better or more energetic. But after 6 months of quinoa, while missing out on wine and buttered toast, it was game on. Being skinny is nice but doesn’t quite satisfy the soul like Mexican food, ice cream, breakfast pizza, or xiao long bao.

Regretting Post Wedding Diet

That time I saw Mark Wahlberg at work and made a fool out of myself. Still a highlight though…


Howl’oween Dog Parade

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love seeing people tap into their creativity and this particular parade takes the imagination one step further, showcasing man’s best friend on dazzling mini floats.

Howling with wolves

My friend took me to the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary for my birthday, where we got to bond with some stunning rescues with treats, hugs, and howling with the pack.


Kenny Irwin is a talented artist who builds massive robots and other whimsical sculptures from ordinary household items, like toilets, tires, monitors etc. I walked through his 2 acre wonderland filled with 8 million lights, and felt like a young child discovering magic. This display reminded me to step more outside the box, take more risks, pursue passions, and overall, to have fun with life.



I’m looking forward to taking in more of your incredible posts and sharing our adventures together. Let’s make 2016 wonderful.

Happy New Year with love, Faith



© Faith’s True Tales 2015. All original words and images by Faith Brady and friends.


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