Most Inspirational Blog Nomination

I was nominated by the incredible Lynn at “Finding Lynn” for the Most Inspiring Blog award and I can’t tell you how honored I feel, especially as her blog is a refreshing joy to read. I’m a fairly new blogger but have had such a wonderful experience connecting with this beautiful community. Your support has made my life magically fulfilling.

For my acceptance speech, I was asked to tell you how truly weird I am, so here goes.

10 Fun Facts About Me

I love Japanese Italian food

After living in Turin, Italy still feels like a home away from home but I’ve become obsessed with Kyoto, Japan. I could not get enough Japanese magic, its beautiful temples, and especially the pasta. I know it sounds crazy, but Kyoto just knows what it’s doing – a foodie’s paradise.

My running man is fierce.

You know you’ve made it when a Vegas prostitute tells you, “You have the best running man I’ve ever seen.” How can you tell the difference from Vegas hookers from the other girls in Vegas? You just do.

I gave up my pointe shoes for my college hip hop team. So, yes, I’m the girl who will be seen at Tao in Vegas or some random spot challenging a worthy opponent to a movie-style dance off.


I’m actually half Asian.

I’m not really but that’s what my Asian friends say, and I wear that badge proudly over my heart. You may see me at Hello Kitty Con or at dim sum – happy places.

I won’t sue you.

Freedom of speech is facing extinction by the P.C. Principals of the world. We should be able to respectfully address our point of views without going to court. I like to have fun with my writing, and if you can can read my work and laugh, we’ll be best friends for life. Send me your address and I’ll mail you an 80s inspired friendship bracelet. I’m serious.


I’m obsessed with animal encounters.

A few times a year, I get up close with some wild animals and pretend to be their Christopher Robin. This year I fed giraffes, rhinos, a kangaroo, wolves, and pretended to hang out with a cheetah and thousands of elephant seals resting on the beach. They secretly might hate me but I love them anyway. I’m incredibly happy the San Diego Safari Park donated 30% of our wedding proceeds to help their poaching efforts.

FaithsTrueTales Rhino
I’m a nerd wizard.

One of life’s pleasures is pretending to be a Mage and casting curaga whenever I damn please. Life is beautiful but sometimes stunning movie scenes of fascinating new worlds are even better.

I force myself into terrifying situations.

I never want to be the person who’s too afraid to experience life. In the past, that meant falling backwards off a cliff, sky diving, trapeze classes, or living in foreign countries.


I know how to solder.

I love natural gemstones from all over the world and finally started to do something with them. Although, I don’t currently have time to solder, making jewelry for FaithWraps was beyond special to me – especially meaningful custom orders.

I put butter in my coffee.

Every morning, I make my coffee Bulletproof – MCT oil, unsalted grass-fed Kerry Gold butter, collagen, honey, and organic coffee. It’s clean brain fuel and I’ve even lost weight on it.


I’m on the 4th draft of my memoir.

Living with a family who doesn’t speak English while attending an Italian high school is hard. Writing about my offensiveness has been slightly easier.

FaithsTrueTales AFSWarning

I would now like to go ahead and nominate the following bloggers and their blogs for the Most Inspiring blog award. It’s been such a pleasure reading about your adventures! They’ve definitely added color to my greyest days and I’m looking forward to your future posts.

Most Inspiring Blog Award :

Please nominate your top 5 inspirational blogs, while answering the below questions everyone wants to know.

What are 5 fun facts about yourself?
Who’s your favorite fictional character?
If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
What’s your top guilty pleasure?
What’s been your most challenging post to publish and why?
What would be your best piece of advice, blog related or otherwise?


© Faith’s True Tales 2016. All original words by Faith Brady.


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