Babes for Bernie

As the California primary draws near, the world is holding its breath to see the outcome. This vast state, with 475 delegates, could be the “dagger” in the not-so-clean Clinton campaign. It’s funny how Hillary had declared herself the winner, but as 60,000 people showed up to support Bernie in Oakland, Hillary suddenly canceled her events in New Jersey, putting a smirk on all of our faces. Is it possible that California is starting to catch fire? Is there a higher power at work? Perhaps an infamous angelic bird? I’m not sure, but as Hillary supporters are asking us to lay down our votes, we’re simply saying, “Come and get it. You will have to pry it out of our cold dead hands.”


We don’t feel there’s a reason to play nice and conform. Poll after poll show that Bernie has the best chance of defeating Trump because independents, the largest piece of the pie, will have their say. Also, did I mention tens of thousands of people are showing up to see him? He has the momentum, the fire. Grown women are crying at the sight of him and have asked me what his hands feel like – equally soft and rough, if you were wondering. Couples around the country are receiving counseling because women love to talk about Bernie more than any other subject. I, myself, can guarantee if you give me a word, I can easily relate it to Bernie within 5 seconds. Easy.


As a wise man literally called me selfish today for “voting against my gender” I started to think about the fierce women in my life. Why do we bern so damn hard for that democratic socialist? Most of the women I’ve talked to have a similar story. We started researching the candidates, and were initially excited about Hillary but didn’t agree with her background or what she stood for. If you don’t know, maybe you should watch this video.


All of a sudden we see videos on another woman’s Facebook page of this knight in shining armor speaking up for women’s rights, environmental rights, animal rights, civil rights, tax loopholes, standing up against Monsanto, financial corruption, police brutality, and the injustices in this world – everything from ATM fees to the Wall St. Bailout to insane military spending. But yes, Bernie had me at Monsanto… Of course we want a woman in charge but progressives don’t support The Dark Act, fracking, the death penalty, big pharma, Wall St., oil dependency, and putting an end to internet privacy, while issuing government spying. We want an honest man in our lives, the voice that speaks up when everyone is afraid of the repercussions.


Personally, I grew up in a Republican household. During college, my views changed immensely and health classes angered my perception of our government. I didn’t understand why the FDA wasn’t doing more to protect the people. Who was speaking up for us? Some countries ban harmful ingredients found in food or medicine and ours seemed to be almost anything goes. I read studies where a group made a pill of only Nesquik and legally sold it as a beauty pill, with the studies carefully worded to back it up – all completely legal. American business is a beautiful thing but when did the American Dream become more important than the health of the American people? Then came Bernie…


I think there’s always a moment in every Berner’s life when they go from casual fan to borderline-stalker. I was an average fan when he was about to debate Hillary. I got nervous. She supposedly had so much more experience, certainly she’d destroy him, right? No! Bernie was dynamite! His genuine passion for the people came through. He spoke in “Wes” and she spoke in “Is” and constant name drops. In Flint, Michigan, the people were experiencing a water crisis and while Hillary had to say she supported fracking, Bernie had their backs. That was the moment I realized I’d be a Bernie supporter until November and the rest of my life, because no matter what catastrophe we’re in, I knew in my gut who I could depend on. People like that in this world are rare, and when we find them, we never let go.


The media loves to say Berners are white males but yet most of his supporters I know personally are women over 40. Can’t we think for ourselves? Could it be a woman’s intuition? Give us a moment while we experience uncomfortable feelings somewhere between the desire to have Bernie as our best friend, life coach, sassy grandpa, or prince charming. In my opinion, he’s everything American women could ever want in a man, we could even bring him home to mom… a White House per se.


The dreamy qualities of Bernie Sanders

He’s humble. He flies coach, stands in line for tacos, and is a complete pain for Secret Service, as he frequently takes off to go talk to people. Bernie is genuinely interested in the concerns of the every day working citizens, and it shows bright and clear.

He’s resilient, fighting for gay rights and civil rights and corruption, even during the difficult times when it wasn’t popular to do so.


He makes sure we have clean water. Maybe not alkaline, but drinkable.

He’s kind, even when the cameras are off.

He’s got a record of supporting our furry best friends – from cats to dogs to chickens and everything inbetween. His animal rights legislation has contributed to his perfect score card from the Humane Society.

He’s gay best friend approved.

He has his own Vermont Teddy Bear.


He attracts birds amidst loud massive crowds, as almost as if it were a sign of some sort.


The pure of heart love him.

He’s a dreamer, and yes some HRC supporters will say that his goals are unrealistic. I personally feel that his plans are achievable but even if they’re not, these two candidates are completely different. I don’t necessarily even want HRC to get some of said plans accomplished, so why is that even a discussion? So dream away, Bernie! At least I know what you stand for, and I’m willing to fight for it.


Personally, one of my dreams is to see American parents have parental leave when their children are born. Work is important but so is bonding with our children and their development.

He’s respected by those we admire and believes in holistic medicine.


Bernie Sanders has integrity.

More importantly, he’s the only onelooking out for our food. Am I right?

He’s damn funny.

He’s got a dangerous side.

No one wants to mess around with him.

He’s got serious swagga.


He’s our family man. Regardless of our odd fascination with Bernie, we have so much respect for Jane – the First Lady to have a PHD. We look up to her and of course kept it classy, donating $28 to the happy couple on their wedding anniversary, May 28th.

Bernie inspires us, to be the better version of ourselves. We’ve learned to dream in color – to paint, write, reconnect with our communities. I used to hate talking to people but realized there are some really good ones out there. I meet them every day, and now consider any Bernie supporter family. For me, knocking on doors talking to strangers started out to be a terrifying experience – but looking back I’m so proud. There has been sort of a beauty in not being able to see the revolution televised. We had to grow close, connecting with home videos and stories around the country. Now, against all odds, we’re  just some 270 delegates behind. Yes, it’s still an uphill battle but it’s been one I’m honored to have fought with all you incredible warrior princesses.

Show me the math. Tell me how many more super delegates I have to talk to before July. Let the corporate media call Hillary the nominee on Tuesday. I will be sitting here in California fighting for our movement every day until November. Change isn’t easy, but my family and their future is worth it. As long as we have someone willing to stand up against dirty special interest money, and as long as you can show me this video of Hillary…

…and this video of Bernie, I’m not going anywhere. This campaign is ours – our donations, and our blood, sweat, and tears. We stand together; we stand united.

And so, if you see me on June 7th with warrior markings under my eyes at the polls, you’ll know I’m not only fighting for my family here in Southern California but the other volunteers around the world who are counting on me to make a difference.


Bernie Babes, I love you. See you in Philly…

© Faith’s True Tales 2016. All original words by Faith Brady and pictures from Bernie Babes around the country.


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